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MicroPigmentation is a semi permanent brow tattoo, using a nano needle and a digital machine to create super fine hair strokes enhancing the natural brow shape. A top up is required 6-8 weeks after your original appointment to check healed results and to make any tweaks necessary to perfect your brows. Annual colour boosts are recommended to keep your brows looking fresh. 


This treatment is recommended for a wide range of clients, improving clients brows that have 'over plucked' or a little 'patchy' to people that suffer from alopecia or lack of hair due to some more aggressive treatment like Chemotherapy. The results are amazing...

Is it suitable for me, I hear you ask? Yes, no matter what colouring you are, Natalie has a range of pigments that will suit EVERYONE.... The wonderful thing about this treatment is that as our skin colouring lightens over the years, Natalie can adapt the colour to suit your skin tone which is why an annual 'Freshen up' appointment is so important.


A full consultation is carried out before treatment commences and this will allow you to discuss your expectation, concerns and get some expert advice on pigments to suit your complexion. A Patch test is required for this treatment and Natalie offers comprehensive aftercare advice.

The consultation is a 30 minute appointment and is FREE of charge

The treatment itself is around 1.5hr to 2hrs. Allow 2 hours

Before and after pictures are available to view in salon...

You can book the consultation through the website, by sending a message, or alternatively you can call Natalie directly on 07528 578692 or email on nataliemangieri@icoud.com....

Alternatively, you can pop into the salon or call us on 01780 757108