Advanced Skin Treatments

As Highly qualified skin therapists, we have undergone in depth training firstly within our training and this has been further enhanced by working alongside The Dermal Institute and Dermalogica to allow us to offer the most innovative treatments required for different skin conditions and types.

Pro Power Peel 60

This eff ective and customised 60 minute treatment combines the benefits of the Pro Power 30 Treatment with additional advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating Ionactive serums, a customised masque, LED light therapy and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing.

75 mins, £105.00
Course x 3, £300.00 
(Saving £15)
(Paid at start of course)

Pro NanoInfusion

A unique treatment from Dermalogica to resurface and re-texturise the skin
without any downtime. Resurfacing actives and professional serums are
infused into the skin with a pen device, using tiny cones to maximise product

75 mins, £120.00
Course x 3, £335.00 
(Saving £25)
Course x 6, £675.00  (Saving £45)

Pro Lift Skin Treatment

The Pro Lift facial is for those of you that a 60 minute treatment just isn’t enough! This facial includes everything a ProSkin 60 off ers plus it incorporates the bt-nano® facelifting machine which uses microcurrent to increase cellular energy, re-educate the facial muscles, improve skin tone and elasticity and reduce the appearance of fi ne lines. Using the bt-cocktail® lift for lifting the jowls and cheeks or the Invisible Expression which focuses on the eyes and forehead.

75 mins, £90.00

Tri-Wave MD Medical LED Phototherapy

An award winning medically certifi ed LED Phototherapy treatment offering 10 times the strength of the Flex making this the strongest Phototherapy machine in the world delivering clinically proven light wavelengths to transform the skin without pain or downtime. Suitable for: Rejuvenation, Acne, Pigmentation, Redness, Psoriasis, Wound Healing, Pain.

30mins, £75.00
Course x 12, £825.00 (2-3 treatments a week)
saving £75 by paying at the start of the course)

This can be added to ALL targeted skin treatments for £50

3D Hydro2 Facial Treatment

3d-HydroO2 facial provides the complete facial solution to target an array of universal skin concerns including dehydration, skin-ageing, loose skin, dull complexion, and congestion.

Through using a combination of advanced technologies, your therapist can create a bespoke facial, suited to your specific skin requirements.

The 3D-HydroO2 facial provides hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin-tightening and improves congestion, resulting in a glowing, brighter, more youthful looking skin.

Recommended Treatments: A course x 8 (Once every 2 weeks ) to get the optimum results.  
We can customise the treatment plan to suit your skins individual requirements.

60 mins £110.00

90 mins,£160.00
(Includes a Hydrating Eye mask and face, neck and shoulder massage) 


Pro Microneedling

We off er a unique branded service from Dermalogica than can incorporate a level 3 exfoliation or a more intense Pro Power Peel in combination with our Microneedling service. The needling device creates tiny micro injuries, allowing the skin to absorb unique, professional grade actives, stimulating the skins own natural healing response and boosting the production of Collagen and Elastin. A course of 4 treatments are required every 4 weeks to achieve the best results.
Suitable for a number of Skin conditions including Hyperpigmentation, Post
Acne Scarring, Dull, congested skin and Anti Ageing.

75 mins, £180.00

Pre-Treatment Consultation £50.00 (deducted from your first treatment)
As this is an advanced treatment that incorporates professional grade peels, we will require you to attend a 30 minute Pre-Treatment consultation to discuss the treatment with you in detail 2 weeks prior to treatment which will allow us to patch test your skin and ensure that your skin is suitable for this service.

Course x 4, £685.00 (Saving £35 if paid at the start of the course)
Following each treatment, you will be sent home with ‘Professional only’ restorative serum that we use in this treatment to continue the salon experience at home. These are not retail and equate to £30 in product.

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